Sunday, July 27, 2008

my head is still spinning

We have had quite a weekend. Friday was busy grocery shopping, making cookies and knox blox and loading up the car for Saturday's yard sale.
Saturday we had our yard sale (at a friends house) and I took Regan to rehearsal for her musical. Then Regan and I went to see High School Musical Live in Norfolk while Phil picked up the babysitter and went to worship practice with the rest of the crew, finally we all met up at our friend Steve's birthday party.
Today, I actually got to sleep in a bit since church does not start until 10:30am. After church we had a cookout, came how for a quick nap and then headed back out to see Regan sing in the Musical she has been learning this week at Western Branch Baptist Church's "Super Summer Singing Funner."Regan made a friend this week, Ashley, that is her on the left. They were attached at the hip from day one, but it turns out that Ashley lives in CA and is just here visiting her family. Regan is pretty sad, she has even gotten a bit teary-eyed at the thought that she might never see Ashley again (which of course makes me so sad too). Hopefully they can get together at least once more before Ashley leaves and then write each other.

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Anonymous said...

Brooke is in arts camp this week, learning singing, drama and face painting/balloon sculpting. I love seeing them involved in fun things like that. And she can't WAIT for HSM3 to come out. My dad came into town this weekend and brought her HSM2 on dvd--she loved watching it!


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