Monday, July 21, 2008

Muffin Tin Monday

I must confess, we cheated a bit on our Muffin Tin Monday...The past few weeks have been so busy with family visiting and VBS etc, we have missed out on Muffin Tin Monday. So this week we decided to have our muffin tin lunch early. I even prepped this post on Saturday just to be sure I got it up on time!
Here is our rainbow muffin tin
Left to Right: Red gold fish, orange carrots, yellow popcorn, green ranch, blue airheads, purple grapes, red (pink) ham, orange carrots, yellow corn chips, green apple, blue goldfish and purple craisins. Some of the colors are a stretch, I know, but they were the best I could do!


Anonymous said...


katy said...

your tin made me laugh out loud! love, love, love the apple just plopped in there. great color and look and i bet the kids liked it too.


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